What is it Like Having Solar Panels? 4 People Share their Experiences

what is it like having solar panels

What is it like having solar panels? See what Powur customers have to say about producing their own energy!

It’s no secret that solar panels are becoming more and more popular. People are starting to realize the importance of renewable energy, and the many benefits of solar panels. But what is it really like to have solar panels installed on your home? In this blog post, we will be sharing 10 different stories from people who have made the switch to solar!

Solar Sounds Great is a representative of Powur and these are real stories from real customers of Powur.

solar sounds great

“We’re a young family and getting solar is just another life lesson to our kids, which is super important with everything that we do. When we first reached out to Powur, I met Victoria Lopez. Victoria was so patient, she answered all my questions. Before we knew it, trucks were out here putting up solar. Very fast , very efficient. You can keep paying the electric company money for the rest of your life OR you can get solar and pay for your system and use the sun’s energy for the rest of your life. You have choices and going solar is one of those choices.

People talk about all the little things they do to create a mass scale impact, and I think that if each family puts in one of those changes, we can heal the world and heal the planet. We’re using nature to help us and I think that’s the future of technology and energy in general.”

Juan’s energy bill dropped $755 in one month. How much will you save?

solar sounds great

I am a Powur customer. I’ve had solar for over a year already. One of the main benefits for us is it’s such a relief to not worry about the big summer bill. You know, when it’s hot in southern California and The air conditioners are on. I’m a big AC guy. So if if I can keep the house at 68°, I would, I don’t, but I would, if I could. It really makes me just happy. Less stress. It’s just a lot of peace of mind.

The experience with going solar was fantastic. It wasn’t complicated. Everything laid out for you. I did look at a couple different companies. One of the things I liked about power was our consultant, Jonathan Luciano. He was just the most knowledgeable. He made you feel the most comfortable. Powur is a really progressive company. They really believe in their product. The future of energy is solar and all renewable energy. You want to be self-sufficient as much as possible. I mean you’re gonna use energy no matter what. You’re either going to pay them a lot for it or you can take control of it and just kind of get rid of that bill yourself.

No point in paying high rates where you can make your own energy and just limit your bill. I’m real happy you can do a little something for the environment, it helps out. You know, that’s always a win win.

I’m going to take my power back simply by doing what’s right.

solar sounds great

I’m taking my power back and I’m gonna keep my power simply by doing what’s right. What I wanted to do was find a way that I could have control over my electricity. While I also was helping society in general. When the electricity bill went up, I said no, I have to do something. I said this is not good business for me. So it was time for me to go solar. The contractor from Powur Chris was the person that came. I committed to Chris because everything he had told me is exactly what I needed to know. Everything that he said was upfront and honest right to the number of panels and the explanations for the batteries.

The explanation for the installation, the cost, there was nothing hidden. I paid no electricity bill. My electricity at the moment has been zero. It has also enhanced the value of my house. Every human being should do whatever they can to help improve the environment.

Because we’re responsible for the next generation, our Children! And our Children will be responsible for their Children. But that’s where the future is going.

The future is now.

Taking back my power means I have electricity that’s reliable.

solar sounds great reviews

Well, taking back my power means that I have electricity and It’s reliable. Being self-sufficient is important and that’s why I decided to go with Powur and Christie sandlin. I’m a stay at home mom. We’re a family of four, but actually if you want to put it, we’re a family of six because we have two dogs.

We’ve lived here for 23 years when we first moved here, our electric bills were $60 to $70 a month. My last electric bill was $396. Last year I was paying 11 cents a kilowatt hour. It’s gone two cents. People may think, oh it’s only two cents but two cents is a lot when you add it up. I’m really tired of the big companies getting rich while we’re still having to pay more. I was brought to power by my consultant judy alva I’ve never, I’ve never met somebody that is more willing to help out.

She was out here every step of the way for installation. It feels like a family, you can talk to anybody. All the consultants are there and I know there are a lot of people on the fence. We had been on the fence for a long time but can we really afford it?

Is it really gonna save me money?

We decided to take the leap of faith and I have seen a dramatic difference going with power and going with solar panels and the battery backup system. You can help just even if it’s just a little, you can take away from your carbon footprint. I can’t wait to see six months down the road to see exactly how much I am saving and that I don’t have to fork out $300 a month anymore. And that’s what I’d like to be able to put out to everybody else.

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