Solar sounds great is a solar energy company that truly cares about the home owners and puts their best interest at heart. If you’re looking for a solar energy contractor that cares about providing quality solar panels at a reasonable cost, contact Tim Blair he’ll make sure that you're getting the best deal out there!

Great team, great work!!!
Chaibia SCelina, TX

I found Solar Sounds Great online when I was looking for a solar company in my area. I left my info on their website and I was contacted within less than 1 hour by Tim.
Tim was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process from the solar financing to the panels installation, etc..
I highly recommend Tim Blair and Solar Sounds Great.

Excellent team!!! 🏆
Timothy JCelina, TX

If you are looking for a solar energy company to work with that will work with you and not just try to sell you something, Solar Sounds Great is a great fit. Very helpful, knowledgeable and patient while we went through the process.

Excellent team!!! 🏆
Adam KPhoenix, AZ

Everything about powur has been a pleasure. I haven't had a bad experience with a single part of the installation process. It has been handled with detail and professionalism. I love the culture and the quality of the people of Powur. I'm so glad to have chosen them for my solar. If you haven't made the decision then I encourage you to look closely into Powur and compare them to anyone else. The track record clearly speaks volumes and my personal experience proves that I made the right choice. I'm on step 5 and right at the installation date. I will update this and provide pictures as well.

Update: The installation process is now complete. I'm beyond happy with every single step and every promise has been fulfilled. Very professional. I can't wait to tell more people about the benefits of clean renewable solar energy and just in time for this Texas heat.

I love Solar Sounds Great😍
T. J. W.Orange, TX

Nobody can beat their prices, and it's pretty substantial. Plus, I've got top of the line REC panels - a manufacturer in business for 30 years! Add the full coverage 30 year panels/production/labor warranty and my bill went from $360 to $185 a month and that $185 will never go up for at least 25 years.

Note: I learned, I did my homework: if someone sells you solar and you're not seeing savings, the sales rep must have not set a proper expectation. Not every home works for solar - for example: if there are trees & the only roof space is north facing on a steep roof pitch, these are not ideal situations for maximum solar production. Make sure your sales agent explains this, it's nice to have a fully transparent rep always be up front and say, ``solar won't work for your home that well`` rather than an ``anything goes`` rep.

Excellent team!!! 🏆
Tiff S.Cedar Park, TX

What I like about Powur is the transparency of the whole solar process. Asking customers not only about how old their roof is(I've heard of solar companies putting new panels on old roofs, just to get a deal), but asking if they'll be adding new things to a customers home in the foreseeable future, like pools or central air, asking if a customer plans on moving or simply looking at a customers energy bill and saying ``You don't use enough energy right now to even need solar``. These are things a good solar company does and that's what Powur does. That's why they get 5 stars.

Awesome work! 💪
Eddie G.Pico Rivera, CA

The need for lowering my electric cost was needed big time and I knew the option was to go solar but didn't trust the solar providers I was talking to. So a good friend of mine referred me to Powur, which was a blessing in disguise because they were quick, professional, honest and gave me the options I was looking for. I never thought going solar was this easy but the education Powur provided me about going solar was exactly what I needed to make the decision to go forward.

Excellent team!! 🤗
Rich P.Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

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