Solar Panels Installation Project In Celina, TX

Solar Installation Location

Celina, Texas

Solar Install Year



Canadian Solar 395 (BOB) – 72 (x28)


Enphase IQ8PLUS-72-2-US(x28)

System Size

11.06 kW

Estimated Yearly Production

14,757 kWh

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    STEP 1
    Savings Report

    STEP 2
    Approval Process

    STEP 3

    STEP 4
    Site Survey

    STEP 5

    STEP 6

    STEP 7
    System Activation

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    Are you ready to take advantage of the incredible potential of solar energy? At Solar Sounds Great, we provide residents in the Celina, Texas area with top-of-the-line solar installation services and hardware. With our team of dedicated professionals, you can rest assured knowing that your system will be installed correctly and maintained for optimal performance.

    Investing in a solar system for your home is a smart financial decision that comes with numerous benefits. Not only will you save on energy costs over time, but you’ll also qualify for great tax credits and incentives that can offset installation costs. Plus, you’ll be helping to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

    Take advantage of the abundant energy provided by the sun and experience its many amazing benefits with Solar Sounds Great. Schedule your FREE Consultation today to learn more about how our solar systems can help power your home!

    Solar Panels Installation Project In Celina, TX

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