Solar Panels Installation In Mckinney , TX

This system is for CoServ with a 94% offset and a fast car charger installed.

Solar Installation Location

Mckinney, Texas

Solar Install Year



Aptos 370 (BOB) – 60 (x29)


Solaredge SE 10000H-US

System Size

10.73 kW

Estimated Yearly Production

15,403 kWh

Solar Offset


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    About This Solar Panels Install Project in Mckinney, Texas

    Ashley, the homeowner, was fed up with the ever increasing monthly electric bill she was getting from Coserv. She started looking for a reliable solar panels installation company in Mckiney, TX that can help go solar and reduce her electric bill. Ashley and her husband are also in the process of purchasing an electric car, so adding a solar car charger was another priority for them.

    After researching and interviewing multiple solar companies in Mckinney, Ashley decided to move forward with Solar Sounds Great. Our team was able to get an unbeatable quote for a solar panel system that makes the most sense for home’s size and monthly electric consumption. Our solar unmatched solar panels insurance policy was another reason Asley decided to hire us to install her solar panels.

    After getting the City permits and HOA approval, our team went to work installing her solar panels system and it was all up and running in one day.

    We’re very proud of this solar panels installation in Mckinney, TX and can’t wait to help YOU save money and go green too.

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