Solar Panels Installation in Anna, TX

Solar Installation Location

Anna, Texas

Solar Install Year



Hanwha Qcell 400


SolarEdge SE10000H-US

System Size

12 kW

Estimated Yearly Production

15,760 KWh

Solar Offset


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    About This Solar Panels Installation in Anna, TX

    The homeowner, Jerardo, has recently moved from California and was researching solar companies in Anna, TX .

    Jerardo ended up interviewing and getting quotes from 3 different solar installation companies and Solar Sounds Great was 1 of them.

    Solar Sounds Great won the contract because it was able to offer a much better quote for the solar panels system pricing, capacity (The amount of power it produces)  and a 30 year insurance that the other companies couldn’t even touch.

    Jerardo was also very pleased with his installation and the customer service he received that he was kind enough to shoot this video testimonial for us

    Our process for this solar installation project was as follow: 

    Our team started by evaluating the property to determine if the house was a good fit for solar panels. We then set them up with a custom proposal and a preliminary design. The client was presented a solar quote and informed of the savings and the other benefits of his solar system.

    Lastly, we worked with a professional installation team to ensure that the solar panels system is properly installed and configured.

    We have also advised the homeowner to monitor their electricity usage and solar production. This allows them to understand how effective the panels are at meeting their energy needs.

    Overall, this project was a great way for the homeowner to reduce their electric bill and lock in a fixed energy rate while also protecting themselves from unpredictable weather events.

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